Never Forget


June is Pride Month and I wanted to launch my blog about the webcomic I’m working on entitled Pride Guys. It’s a comic about LGBTQ superheroes. Like all young and nerdy impressionable gays I grew up with a love for comics and superheroes, but I also wish I had LGBTQ superheroes to look up (and in some instances fantasize about ☺️). Every time a new gay hero would show up in comics I would totally eat it up! I was so hungry for gay content that I didn’t care if he/she/they were boring or completely uninteresting. All I cared about was that they were just like me.

This tragedy has hit the LGBTQ community hard, and even though the webcomic isn’t ready (I’ve never launched a website or worked on a comic before so this is a HUGE learning curve for me.), I wanted to show my support by creating something for our fallen brothers and sisters, to honor their memory and their lives. They will never be forgotten.