Presidential Beauties


There was an incident recently involving some horribly racist remarks made by government officials in West Virginia.¬†Basically she was saying she isn’t racist at all and was only commenting that she didn’t think the First Lady was attractive and compared her to an ape. I call bullshit. There’s only two scenarios I can think of that would explain all of this. Either they are completely ignorant and stupid (which, seeing that they were both removed from office, they weren’t worthy of their positions), or they are just plain racist.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to what you deem attractive or not. The words that you use, especially in a public forum, and especially considering their position in the community, they should have chosen their words more carefully. Except in this case, these bitches were just plain racist.

In MY OPINION, I think that the Obama family are the most beautiful first family, (the Kennedy’s coming in a close second). I will be sad to see them go. The ladies especially have elevated the the style and grace of the White House to new and incomparable level. (Good luck Melania).

The Presidents daughters have literally grown up before our eyes into stunning beauties. I wonder how often they Google themselves? Or check their own hashtags?

Anyways, my webcomic continues and features the Obama family. Check out the links below to read them:

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