Happy Gay Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone! No matter what you believe in, no matter how horrible this year has been let the spirit of the season inspire us to continue to move forward and have hope for the future!

Next month at this very URL I’m hoping to launch the Pride Guys website, not just a blog. It will feature the webcomic, which will have higher resolution than at Line Webtoons or Tapastic. Those sites are great but I want the Pride Guys to have a place of their own and I can provide more content such as cast bios, additional art, links to other sites (like my Patreon page!!!) Also, if you don’t want to subscribe to their services you can just come over here even without subscribing (but I highly recommend it so you can get notifications of the lastest updates!)

Presidential Beauties


There was an incident recently involving some horribly racist remarks made by government officials in West Virginia. Basically she was saying she isn’t racist at all and was only commenting that she didn’t think the First Lady was attractive and compared her to an ape. I call bullshit. There’s only two scenarios I can think of that would explain all of this. Either they are completely ignorant and stupid (which, seeing that they were both removed from office, they weren’t worthy of their positions), or they are just plain racist.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to what you deem attractive or not. The words that you use, especially in a public forum, and especially considering their position in the community, they should have chosen their words more carefully. Except in this case, these bitches were just plain racist.

In MY OPINION, I think that the Obama family are the most beautiful first family, (the Kennedy’s coming in a close second). I will be sad to see them go. The ladies especially have elevated the the style and grace of the White House to new and incomparable level. (Good luck Melania).

The Presidents daughters have literally grown up before our eyes into stunning beauties. I wonder how often they Google themselves? Or check their own hashtags?

Anyways, my webcomic continues and features the Obama family. Check out the links below to read them:

Tapastic and Line Webtoons.



Pride Guys Webcomic Online!


The Pride Guys is a webcomic about LGBTQ superheroes featuring a cast of culturally and racially diverse individuals. The initial storyline focuses primarily on the seven main characters, but as the story progresses you are introduced to many other characters from the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Their base of operations is in Washington, D.C., but their adventures will take them far beyond the limits of the District, as they visit different countries, explore other dimensions, travel to outer space, and experience alternate realities. Although this is a comic about superheroes, there are some elements of mythology, magic, fantasy and sci-fi mixed in as well.
Once this site gets updated you will be able to read the webcomic at prideguys.net! In the meantime you can read the preview pages and comic at these sites:
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No Jerks Allowed


“No Fats, No Femms, No Blacks, No Asians, No…” It amazes me that a community so focused on fighting for equality and human rights would have such a bigoted view when it comes to choosing a date. I’m not saying the entire community is this way, but gay men are notorious for outwardly stating the “preferences” when it all comes down to racism. The image above is from a class assignment in which we were tasked to take a position on something we believed in. I really wanted to focus on several issues that are close to me and what is relevant in society right now. Being an asian gay male I’ve had to live with this prejudice since I came out. I would even wish that I was tall and white so everyone would find me attractive. The naïveté of youth. I’ve come to accept me for being me and with that acceptance I’ve come to appreciate the beauty in all of us, no matter what race, size, shape or color we are.The outer casing is just temporary.  We do with our short time on earth, treating others with love and respect, and the  positive differences we can make, is what truly matters.  We are all on the same journey of life, what you choose to do with that life will determine if it was actually worth living.

Wonder Pride


I love Wonder Woman. I can’t get enough of her. She was amazing in Batman v. Superman! I did have my reservations at first about Gal Gadot when she was cast, but she completely changed my mind. We haven’t had an official live action version of WW since Lynda Carter (we won’t mention Cathy Lee, or that sad failed TV pilot). There was a lot of pressure on her but she totally delivered. The accent threw me off a little, because we’re so used to seeing Wonder Woman portrayed in the media with no accent. But it makes perfect sense. Like..duh. Of course, she’s greek. Her movie costume is so awesome. My boyfriend pre-ordered the 1:6 scale Sideshow movie version for my birthday and I can’t wait for it to come out! I hope her solo film next year does well. I’m a little worried that with all the hype around it, especially with her appearance in BvS, that expectations are set so high, that if there’s even a little bit of criticism its going to disappointment people. But even if it does suck I’m still going to love it. I still love Spice World.

Civil Love not War



You know this will never happen. But isn’t that the whole point of fan fiction and fan art? Creating stuff that you wish would happen but won’t ever be possible. I suppose we all have a little bit of, “but it just might…!” That’s what kind of keeps us holding on, that little bit of hope gets us through the day. Life in general is like that. We live, we love, we laugh, we hope. If any of us thought to ourselves, “This is the best its going to get, and its not going to get any better.” Then there’s no point to anything anymore is there? But we know whether we are sickeningly happy or down and depressed, things will get better, it always does.

Love is Love

Continuing our Pride month celebration I decided to post a piece I submitted for one of my Fine Arts project this past year. The theme was meaning and I decided to go with love.  Below is my artist statement:

“I wanted to explore the meaning of romantic love as I have personally experienced it through the LGBT community. I wanted to show in my work that love between two individuals should not be restricted to just male and female. I further wanted to investigate the importance of diversity within the community itself when it comes to interracial relationships. I researched different images of love as seen through a visual perspective and chose to use men and women kissing in a loving embrace. I illustrated the images in pencil and created digital versions of each one. To further show the aspect of racial diversity I took the images and digitally colored each figure having a different skin-tone. I created a series of twelve prints resulting in a total of twenty-four skin-tones. Obstructing the faces of the subjects and including the uncolored version in the work also allows the viewer to see that love transcends race and leaves them with the ability to place themselves into the piece, making it a personal experience for them as well.”IMG_0725

Never Forget


June is Pride Month and I wanted to launch my blog about the webcomic I’m working on entitled Pride Guys. It’s a comic about LGBTQ superheroes. Like all young and nerdy impressionable gays I grew up with a love for comics and superheroes, but I also wish I had LGBTQ superheroes to look up (and in some instances fantasize about ☺️). Every time a new gay hero would show up in comics I would totally eat it up! I was so hungry for gay content that I didn’t care if he/she/they were boring or completely uninteresting. All I cared about was that they were just like me.

This tragedy has hit the LGBTQ community hard, and even though the webcomic isn’t ready (I’ve never launched a website or worked on a comic before so this is a HUGE learning curve for me.), I wanted to show my support by creating something for our fallen brothers and sisters, to honor their memory and their lives. They will never be forgotten.