No Jerks Allowed


“No Fats, No Femms, No Blacks, No Asians, No…” It amazes me that a community so focused on fighting for equality and human rights would have such a bigoted view when it comes to choosing a date. I’m not saying the entire community is this way, but gay men are notorious for outwardly stating the “preferences” when it all comes down to racism. The image above is from a class assignment in which we were tasked to take a position on something we believed in. I really wanted to focus on several issues that are close to me and what is relevant in society right now. Being an asian gay male I’ve had to live with this prejudice since I came out. I would even wish that I was tall and white so everyone would find me attractive. The naïveté of youth. I’ve come to accept me for being me and with that acceptance I’ve come to appreciate the beauty in all of us, no matter what race, size, shape or color we are.The outer casing is just temporary.  We do with our short time on earth, treating others with love and respect, and the  positive differences we can make, is what truly matters.  We are all on the same journey of life, what you choose to do with that life will determine if it was actually worth living.

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